Happy New Year lovelies #mentalhealthhope

This would be my last post for this year and I wish to share few of my wishes for those soulful people out there.

Let’s begin

I wish the tough days ahead come at ease, I hope your laughter this year finally brings you true joy and happiness, I hope the weight of your heart is lifted so you could free yourself to the right places, I wish this year you will finally understand your worth and start loving yourself they way you never thought you could.

I wish this is the year you stop making excuses and start making a stand for your own life, I wish the first many sip of coffee and tea that you make feels like magic and hope, I wish you should never need to apologise ever again to your heart the way it wanted to love.

I wish words and knowledge mould wisdom and great insights in you, I wish there are days you would even feed the poor and the needy at times others fail to do so, I wish you enpower others to grow and bring light and joy to others around you.

I wish this year is the year you stop blaming yourself for every failure you thought you brought upon yourself, I wish there are many days you wake up and feel alive again and that life is finally meaningful to you.

I wish there will be lesser days of crying and feeling hopeful on bed, I wish this year you’ll have random adventures to yourself, catching sunrise and meeting strangers. I wish this year you will gaze at the night sky and realised what you went through made you a stronger person and that if the days comes you ever leave me or life fails again, you’re unbeatable.

I wish you will always have enough food on your table and that you learned to be more grateful than ever of the things you already have, I wish you keep climbing and if there is any day that you feel like giving up, you will keep your heads up and smile like a queen or king. You have been into places that others couldn’t survive.

I wish,

That you will always wake up and feel very much alive again.

Love- tia

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