The idea of letting go of the past. Dont throw your past, keep it and mold it

I had this idea in my mind, it kept me thinking a lot about it. From my recent visit to see my psychiatrist Dr Elinda, PSY of Hospital Serdang, we were talking about various new things. I love how she shares her thoughts and perspective not only in mental health but also other things.

For many years i have heard people keep saying of letting go of the past. It sounds almost like its useless for your future. I mean yes, take the good ones leave the bad ones behind. Everybody knows this yeah?.

I began to realize that the ” past ” which is neither good or bad. Both is essential to make up who we are today. Imagine it like the curve part of a key. Your ups and downs represent that curve nature you have on a particular key. Therefore, both is important to create this particular key.

And only you have that specific type of curve nature because its your past that is imprinted theoretically. In order to slide into the lock that’s meant to be yours and open it, you must be able to have that specific type of curve nature. You see, challenges in life weather its good or bad. One could never be mold into something great with just either one of it.

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an avid reader, a writer and a resident doctor with bipolar

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