How does a minute feels like living in a mania and depressive reality? Part 2

The following day, he had so much energy to get his tasks done. He was ready to learn, achieve, or complete the tasks he imagined. The thing is about this mania is that you get so pumped up for every single thing, that you tend to put so much expectation on yourself and that’s he did. He over exerted his thoughts and eventually went into a full blown depression.

He felt unworthy and useless . He felt like he did his best but somehow not getting the result he wanted or at least he felt like he could do much better. That’s what he keeps telling himself. So the inner thoughts and voices started to make a home in his mind.

He felt like he wanted to be alone, he was at his lowest of low. He didn’t want anyone to see it because it gets hard to explain what he’s feeling inside. He has been playing well hiding his thoughts and putting up a mask for many years.

The isolation became worse, he didn’t even want to come to work or could function properly as anxiety crawled in. He rejected phone calls and watched silently each of his friends or family calls. No activities interest him anymore, he just want to be alone.

At this point, he started to feel a little bit more overwhelmed compared to his previous breakdown. He felt like the world is taking and pulling him down the very place he started. On top of that, he felt like he didn’t do very well at his work place recently. This sums up every feeling that he’s going through at this moment.

To be continued Part 3

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an avid reader, a writer and a resident doctor with bipolar

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