How does a minute feels like living in a mania and depressive reality? Part 1

P/s: The story below depicts a young boy who has already been diagnosed by medical professionals and recognizes his symptoms well enough. Do seek for help if you can relate to the symptoms below.

Note: Different individual may manifests their symptoms differently and varies according to severity.

For emotional support, please call the hotline  603-79568145 ( Befrienders Malaysia )

A boy went out for a dinner with his close friends. He was excited as usual, gatherings or party was always his thing. He enjoys listening to the sound of every beat of the song and the ambience of night always get him pumped up.

He knew he felt euphoric, its the kind of joy that usually describe as feeling heightened up, unusually happy and hyperactive. He just knew that he’s about to have a good time like he’s on any sort of opiates or substance that can make him high. He admits, he does love this euphoria feeling.

As usual, he always cracks his lame jokes and enjoys acting out silly. Without thinking much, he had this impulsive thoughts. All he wanted to do is just dance, he just doesn’t bother what people might say. His friends always wonder how he got so energetic and funny. They enjoyed this side of him. On regular days, he could be quiet and serious at times. They described him as a total different person.

He heads home after a long night, he felt like he didn’t need any sleep at all. He slept eventually but felt fatigued and tired eventually the next day he woke up. He continued to carry on his regular chores and work.

Night came and he felt it again. He knew it was this euphoric feeling. This time he had racing thoughts and ideas. He describes it like ‘flipping 1000 channels on tv in split seconds’. This ideas were too many he tried to pick it up and start to put them in tasks to do.

He always felt most creative at this hour, like he’s on top of the world. He always liked listening to classics so he played it on his phone, ‘Alla Turca’ by Mozart. He would feel like he can study, read or do things that exceeds his ordinary. But he does get headache and migraines often if the noise is too much in his mind.

He feels this way so extreme that he feels like he can accomplish anything and that nothing is impossible. Even the unrealistic idea’s seems to feel easy and attainable. It’s good, but it could also lead to depression easily.

Not long after that his girlfriend came over. They talked and he had this rapid speech as if they have never talked on the phone for months. He felt irritated, because he felt like his girlfriend was taking too much time replying his speech. That everything is going too slow for him. He got a little agitated, but with his coping practice he was able to control his emotions.

To be continued in Part 2

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