How did i start making recovery ? πŸ‘‰

I’d like to share how i found myself a routine that helped me recover and also made me a better human in all aspect.

This routine not only help people who generally wants to become a better version of themselve but also for those who’s suffering from any sort of mental illness.

For those who’s looking for a change but don’t know where to begin, i’m glad to help you here. We all know that change is difficult, but we will all get there starting with small little daily changes.

How to?

🌱Begin your day early before the sunrise, its a golden time for all sunctuary of tranquility and serene. This method was extracted from the best selling book ‘5AM club’ by Robin Sharma. ‘Own your morning, elevate your life’. In his book he taught to begin your day with this πŸ‘‡

Strengthen your 4 interior empire in the morning : 1- Mindset ( psychology ) 2- Soulset ( spiritually ) 3- Healthset ( physically ) 4- Heartset ( emotionally )

Using the 20/20/20 method,you can spend 20 mins of your first with a little exercise, another 20 with any sort of meditation or prayers followed by anything else you wish to do like writing your goals, ideas etc. He believes that keeping this routine up will have a certain automaticity at the end and will soon gets easier.

🌱The 3 success formula πŸ‘‰

When you have better awareness of all this in the morning, you’ll make better choices. Hence, better results.

🌱 Fill yourself with self enrichment values. Grab yourself a book, or go for yoga classes, seminar classes in anything you like to learn, spend time with people who have lesser than you, spend time with people who you think benefits you, enroll for courses etc. This step is important, it helps with finding your worthiness within you. And also for those suffering from depression, it helps to occupy your mind.

🌱 Have a habit carrying a journal with you. You can write anything in there it’s your wish. Here’s what i like to do, write your top most values in your journal. For e.g: empathy. If you are already one, set a goal to become better at it.

🌱 Self care, yes this is vital too. I’ve talked in length about this in my previous post. Not only it covers all your spa, beauty saloon etc. Self care also means taking care of your emotionally and mental well being. Though, there’s no harm trying to make yourself prettier with plastic surgeries, treatments etc. Whatever that fullfills your upmost happiness.

🌱I stayed away from toxic people, i only choose to take with me what i’ve learned from them. No resentment or grudge, just pure forgiveness. Yes i am selective when it comes to friendship. I only spend time with people who brings me benefit in any ways. Especially if you are on your journey to recovery, it’s better to stay off radar from them till you are well enough. Remember, be with only that brings the best out of you.

🌱 Social media. This is mentioned well enough in Robin’s Sharma book too. It is good actually if you are spending time on it the right way, in fact people are making fortunes with it nowadays. The only time if i’m on my phone is when i be watching motivational or uplifting videos. I try to stay away from Instagram as much as i can. I admit i do like playing it but sometimes it could do more harm than benefit, if you can relate. Low self esteem, not to mention wasting precious time crafting yourself with more beneficial stuff is the reason why i limit my time with social media.

🌱Substance, this is specifically for those who wish to recover from depression, bipolar or any sort. In this period, you must stop all sort of substance. This include cigarettes, alcohol, weed, and anything else. Know your triggers and list it down.

Good luck and if you ever feel like giving up, remember that every little change and effort counts. Every beautiful ends always have rough roads in the beginning, but find the courage to stay a little longer, don’t give up just yet.

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an avid reader, a writer and a resident doctor with bipolar

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