Poetry #2 I’m falling to pieces Disclaimer: TW TRIGGER WARNING.

When this place no longer feels like home,
You stayed up wondering if its today or tomorrow,
Nights become longer and desolate,
The fallen angel once met and said,
” Let me take you to the night where their eyes are filled with tears”,
Can you hear me screaming an inside voice said?,
” I shut out all the lights i build all these years”,
Tears that were once fine clear water petals are now nothing but diamonds,
She said ” it’s too cold outside but i’ll try to swim to stay afloat”,
“But from where you’re standing you can see my dreams slowly dies”,
I just wanna hear you say lets go to a place that we both dreamed of peace,
Drinking petals from the crystal water overflowing the bed of forest,
Then the midnight blue sky passed a serenity that i’ve been longing to feel,
Like a red carpet unfold so perfectly and a set path that tells lies like a bittersweet drug,
” Dear I saw weary eyes with black long robes staring at a white pale lips”,
A soft whisper heard somewhere then said,
” Those are the purest hearts and you bleed their tears”,
No notion was meant to love at halve nor intend to leave,
Just a place to hide where all pain is numbed and heart made of glass and stones,
Come back, come back, please come back,
Bruises would start to heal , so shall thou,
Because that’s what love can do.

” “suicide doesn’t end the pain, it just passes it on to someone else” .

Published by MindSolution

an avid reader, a writer and a resident doctor with bipolar

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