Start loving your struggles.

Maybe the day is too cold and the wind is too harsh that your bare body touches the cold on an empty street highways under the moonlit skies,

Maybe your day dream has been a little too long that you felt you have given your all,

Maybe your feet are tired and sore but your children are under the safest warmth of your protection,

Maybe you have fall and bruised again this time and your body covered with painful patterns crafted by men you thought promised and swore an oath to protect you againts all odds,

Maybe you wished all your pain could go away and the angels could lift your misery and suffer and that god would finally bring you miracle and cure all your inner disease,

Maybe the silence of the world that you were born with or the silence of your own voice makes you feel so little,

Maybe right now you don’t wish to be who you and the daily battle bullying is slowly swallowing your very soul to even be alive,

Maybe the reflection of what you see in the mirror everyday is not what you think would make you the beautiful person you are,

Maybe you feel like you’re walking out of time in the middle of trying to find a better place,

Maybe the home you come back doesn't feel like how it used to be where all the laughter and cheer has gone and passed by,
Maybe the sharp edge of the razor finally feels numb on your skin surface that no pain in this world can take all the suffer away anymore,
Maybe the loved he gave was never meant or never was to fill the very beautiful chambers of your heart,

Maybe you thought days would finally bring the tears away, but memories of the smile and warmth hug of your lost ones will never die,

Maybe you feel a little lost and locking yourself in the bathroom always feels like a safer place,

Maybe the endless long nights and selling love to every other strange men made you feel less of a woman each day just enough to pay another day in life,

Maybe you feel like your body is crumbling each day and you are hopelessly praying that god is saving you from your old toxic life,

But remember this, 🙂

” The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud. ”

Published by MindSolution

an avid reader, a writer and a resident doctor with bipolar

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