How to talk yourself out of a suicidal thought?

Have you ever feel like your world is drowning dragging you along with it and that there’s no way out but to just give up?

SUICIDAL THOUGHTS ARE COMMON in people with mental health ilness. You may not understand why they have such thoughts. But one simple step could lead them to just strike their death.

Here’s how i learned to talked myself way out. My own personal experience.

Step1 – Call for immediate help. Just tell them you are having suicidal thoughts. Grab your phone to call befrienders while help arrives.

Step 2 -Think of all your protective factor. E.g: Religion aspects, family and friends, childrens, future that you havent foresee yet.

Step 3: Take a deep breath, inhale and exhale. Your mind is too shallow to think at this crucial moment. Proper breathing techniques helps you to relieve a little.

Step 4: Do not ever turn your head and look around for something that harm you. A suicidal person usually are most creative at their moment of suicidal. Just dont look around and start thinking more things. Train your mind to not go overboard in thinking.

Step 4: Distract your mind! Think of your goals your would like to achieve. If you dont have one. Its crucial for you to think of one now. Its okay. It takes time for us to find what we are meant to do in life. So do i before i started this blog. Remember, rainbows only comes after a big storm.

Step 5: This one i reckon you to prepare for yourself. I have a habit of carrying around essential oils that relieves depression. Research shows that essential oils names Bergamot and Lavendar oil proved to relieve depression.

Tips: Take a small container. Soak a little piece of cloth with your essential oil. And always close the lid and place in in your bag.

Remember these 5 steps.

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an avid reader, a writer and a resident doctor with bipolar

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