Depression is real . 13 reasons why. Disclaimer: TW. Trigger Warning

“i had all and then most of you, some and now none of you,” that’s such a beautifully written line :^)

I thought i saw the devil in the morning,

Looking at the mirror,

Oh, its just another day i survived,

My past tasted bitter,

So i wield a shield that protected me

I cant find the lights i shut for years

So i put on an invisible mask everytime,

Voices keep finding its way back to you,

I couldnt see the beauty of earth,

So i guess i gotta leave now,

I’d love it very much to be welcome home,

But fate its not in our hands,

Im an open forum filled with broken heart,

Im sure im not the only traveler

Take me back to who i was before

Terror nights leaves us tears

Hiding , wishing someone could save me

Mind walks like an empty street sometimes chaos too

Take me back

Take me back

Take me back

Am i just holding to the ghost of me?

You can’t love someone back to life”

“You can try”

You’ll end up staring at the flares doing nothing

How do i find i trail to follow?

Im tired , fatigued

So, should i still hold on in this terror with my eyes filled with tears.?

Because everytime i open a new window,

I hope for a shred of light

I think we all do.

Published by MindSolution

an avid reader, a writer and a resident doctor with bipolar

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