Love yourself. The secret to Depression recovery. The holy grail. This is not the regular how to help or treat depression. This is the mind power i discovered.

“I am incredibly grateful for you, eventhough it hurt.”

I call this journey a blessing in disguise.

Listen to your inner self, find its way back to who you really are

Learn to love yourself first, instead of loving the idea of other people loving you.

p/s: you can play a song down below before reading 🙂

I speak from the truth, i speak from what i’ve learned, i speak from the wise thoughts that i’ve discovered on this journey and i truly believe this has to be the best realization in my mind.

Those who are reading this, keep carry on with your medications, your meditations, your follow ups, your hopes that keeps you going etc. But bare in mind. We are the doctors to our own mind. A friend, a psychiatrist, a pyschologist is only there to lift you up. The power comes within yourself. In time, you will see things in a different perspective in life.

You’ve handled it in a thousands ways. Now lets focus on you. You are the watcher of the thinker. I think you’ll agree with me when I say, learning how to love yourself isn’t something that happens overnight. It took me many years to realize and feel the effects of not loving myself.

Fall in love with yourself before anyone else. The biggest hater is actually someone you know. It is you. Respect your journey and begin it with loving yourself. Life is a voyage of self discovery.

Love is a deep appreciation. What i meant by this is, an appreciation of yourself. Your qualities, personality, achievements, blessings etc.

Someone loving you rids depression better than any medication ever could. So you enter relationships hoping and praying this might be the right one. You look towards others to save you from yourself but at the same time, that’s a lot to ask of someone . This is not the way.

Im going to make it simple here, your task is to find your inner self. Spend more time getting to know yourself better. In time, you will learn that there are so much qualities in you and potential that you’ve never realized.

1.Set a goal, you might not have a clue right now but believe me it takes times.

2. Self Affirmation. This is your life. You are in control. You control your mind not the other way around. If you realized this, you are in control of your mind. You are activated. Your mind is just a tool.

3. Forget the past. Let bygones be bygones. I know its impossible. Just take the positive parts of it and mold it into a lesson.

4. Live in the moment. There two things you cant control. Its beyond our capability. It is the past and future. Start living your life the fullest as if its your last day.

5. Challenge yourself. In anything actually. If you wish to be good in something. Go for it. Small or big it doesnt matter. You’ll never know you might discovered something that is worth living for.

6. Self care. This is important in your journey to loving yourself. Im not talking about plastic surgeries or any sort of kinds. But if it does help you, go for it. Indulge yourself in things that makes your feel more confident and beautiful. There’s nothing wrong in that. You dont have to tell yourself lies and be denial about the standard we say nowdays is beauty should be natural. If you love make up. Go for it. Embrace it!

7. Keep reading books and quotes to get you inspired.

8. Establish a routine. Go for yoga, or gardening, or classes, or regular exercise, meditating, cleaning the house, make up your bed, anything!

Now that you have loved yourself, be sure to take your medications on time, never default follow ups, spend more time with friends and family. Everything will be alright. Just dont give up shall we.


Published by MindSolution

an avid reader, a writer and a resident doctor with bipolar

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