Mental Ilnesses are not our decision

Just a reminder that mental illnesses are complex and not a decision!

Yesterday, someone left a comment on one of my posts saying that “mental illnesses are a symptom of your thought pattern.” When I told them that mental illnesses aren’t decisions and people don’t control whether they have a mental illness, they said that you can “cure them through your thinking/diet/lifestyle.” Comments like this are exactly why people with mental illness are afraid to speak up about their experiences and seek help. This is why the stigma surrounding mental illness still exists.

Mental illnesses are not a choice.
Mental illnesses are not all in your head.
Mental illnesses cannot be cured by a change in diet, lifestyle, or thinking.

Mental illness is not synonymous with a bad attitude about life. Stop making people with mental illnesses feel shitty about themselves because you lack the empathy to understand their experiences. Mental illnesses are complex and a change in thought, lifestyle, or diet will most likely not f**king cure it.

Clarification: Yes, changing your diet, lifestyle, or thinking can alleviate the symptoms of your mental illness, but it can’t cure it. Most people who say “change your thoughts” do not mean in it a way where it means “go to therapy and do cognitive behavioral therapy.” They usually mean “stop thinking negatively” or something that minimizes the severity and complexity of mental illness. A lot of these comments come from a place of ignorance, which is why it is important that we educate people so they understand that mental illness is complex and not a decision.


Written by Umm Zharfan

Published by MindSolution

an avid reader, a writer and a resident doctor with bipolar

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