Introduction. Are you feeling suicidal? Ways to cope. How to get yourself out of it.

Whats going on in a person with suicidal thoughts

“I’m feeling despair”, ” there’s not way out”, ” I should just die “, ” I I wish I didn’t not exist at all “,” I cant this take this no longer “, ” I want to end this pain” etc

These are our thoughts. For those who don’t understand why people have such ideation. It’s simple actually. We feel like we cant think any other way of solution than suicide. But its rather than you are unable to see the solution now because our mind is to overwhelmed,. When we are in despair or depress all we think of is how to make it stop. Our mind are too shallow to think at that present moment. Hence, we decide to choose our last resort which is suicidal.

If you are going through this or have any loved ones going through it, PLEASE beware of the signs. Do not judge them, they are not doing this for ATTENTION!. REACH OUT TO THEM AND HELP!

Many maybe wondering what could possible lead to someones suicidal. Believe it could be as a result of anything. It’s Multifactorial cause. One could be binging on alchol or drugs, death of a loved ones, marriage failure, bankcruptcy, chronic illness, miscarriages, divorce, undesired body weight, bullying on school or workplace, over achiever, fear of failing in life and career etc. It could be anything! So never judge them. They’re problem might be small or big we never know. IT DOES NOT MATTER! All that matters is that they need professional help.

There are several psychiatric disorders that comorbids too in suicidal ideation.

Following are risk and have chances in committing suicide.

Please go to my next post for tips on immediate action.

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